1. 02/11/2015
    UNA DECISIÓN PELIGROSA, an American production, opens in theaters on November 13th. Starring James Franco, Kate Hudson, Omar Sy and Tom Wilkinson, this thriller is about the misfortunes that start to happen to a young couple after finding 200,000 pou...
  2. 05/10/2015
    On October 30th opens in theaters EDUCACIÓN SIBERIANA, an Italian film production directed by the Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores and starring John Malkovich. Based on a novel by Nicolai Lilin, tells the story of two boys growing up together in te s...
  3. 09/09/2015
    MARCO MACACO a Danish production, opens in theaters on October 2nd. This animated family comedy follows the adventures of Marco Macaco, a policeman on a tropical island where nothing seems to happen... Official Site
  4. 20/07/2015
    On July 31st opens in theaters CLOSED CIRCUIT, a Polish production thriller based on a true story around corruption and money laundering.
  5. 29/05/2015
    POLICE INVESTIGATION, a Spanish production with Antonio Resines, opens in theaters on July 10th. In the movie Sergio and Dani are immersed in an investigation that seems to go nowhere. But then, the adventure of their lives suddenly appears. Official...
  6. 15/05/2015
    Paycom Multimedia is pleased to announce that this week, as every year, will attend the Marché du Film in the 68 Cannes Film Festival, an annual meeting that brings together all professionals in the audiovisual sector. Official Site
  7. 06/05/2015
    On June 12th opens in theaters LOS ANDERSSON ROAD MOVIE, a comedy about the Andersson family, who, after their trip to Greece, want to go to South Tyrol to sell a picture that it is supposed to cost 900,000 crowns.
  8. 09/04/2015
    EL HIJO BASTARDO DE DIOS, a Spanish production, opens in theaters on April 30th. The film revolves around the life of Andres Sarmiento, an official that the circumstances of his life have made him a lonely and insensitive being, so he decides to purs...
  9. 24/02/2015
    On March 20th opens in theaters MI TIERRA, a historical drama starring Natalie Press and Johannes Krisch, about Rosemarie life after escaping the Nazi oppression. Despite poverty and loneliness, her secret love affair may help her to find out where s...
  10. 16/01/2015
    EVA VAN END, a Dutch production, opens in theaters on January 30th. The story focuses on a family that receives at home an exchange student who will reinvent them, as doubt, insecurity, fear and desire come into their lives. Official Site
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