Paycom Cinema premieres "Rabbit School. Los Guardianes del Huevo de Oro", a wonderful fable that has been in such influential festivals as the Berlinale, the Munich Festival, the Zürich Festival and the International Festival of Gijón.

"It is a very simple story, with clear and transparent messages (...). The film shows, among other aspects, the virtues of the simple life, the importance of teamwork, the superficiality of modern life, the value and respect for adult and responsible figures... "(Patricia Suárez - FantasYMundo).

Max, an urban rabbit boy, gets trapped in an old-fashioned Easter rabbit school that is surrounded by a clever fox family scheming to take over Easter. With the help of cute rabbit girl Emmy and training lessons from mysterious Madame Hermione, he not only learns the secret magic of Easter bunnies but also where he truly belongs. Will this be enough to save Easter and his new friends?