1. 19/11/2018
    On December 14, Paycom Cinema premieres Ploey, a tender adventure for all audiences about a plover chick that has not learned to fly when his family migrates in the fall. He must survive the arctic winter, vicious enemies and himself in order to be r...
  2. 19/10/2018
    Condorito, an hilarious animation comedy based on popular comics with the same name, will be released in cinemas on November 16th. The film focuses on the adventures of the rogue bird Condorito, who must rescue his mother-in-law, that has been kidnap...
  3. 17/09/2018
    On October 11th, Paycom Cinema premieres El Reino de los Elfos, an animated and adventure movie about the forbidden romance between a human and an elf.
  4. 07/09/2018
    Iqbal y el Superchip, a comedy that will delight the whole family, will be released in theaters on September 14th. The movie is about the adventures of Iqbal and his friends in their fight against the evil Easelman and Swine, who want to tear down th...
  5. 20/06/2018
    On July 20th opens in theaters BARCOS, an animated film for the whole family about Elías, a small boat that, thanks to his courage, manages to become a rescue boat in a big city. This will make him leave behind his friends to face new and dangerous c...
  6. 25/04/2018
    Beyond Beyond, an original, brave and pedagogical bet for a family audience, opens in theaters on June 8th. This moving film relates the story of Johan, a small rabbit who embarks on a long journey to the Kingdom of the Feather King, with the aim of finding his mother.
  7. 21/03/2018
    Paycom Cinema premieres "Rabbit School. Los Guardianes del Huevo de Oro", a wonderful fable that has been in such influential festivals as the Berlinale, the Munich Festival, the Zürich Festival and the International Festival of Gijón. "It is a very ...
  8. 01/02/2018
    Paycom Cinema premieres “El Reino de las Ranas. Misión en el Ártico”, the second film in the saga “El Reino de las Ranas”. The movie continues with the adventures of the revolutionary Princess Frog, who is going to fight in order to save the kingdom of the evil Captain Uniojo.
  9. 14/12/2017
    Paycom Cinema premieres “Trío. La Búsqueda del Santuario Sagrado”, a Norwegian movie starring three teenagers who have revolutionized the public with their spectacular adventures.
  10. 01/12/2017
    We have the pleasure to announce that today December 1st, 2017 is the XX Anniversary of Paycom Multimedia.
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